11 MAY,2023
CARD ILLUSTRTAIONS FOR Against War ©Asobimo Inc.
We're excited to share our latest artworks for the Against War project, created with passion and precision by our talented team at Limbheim. Thanks to Asobimo Games for the opportunity to work on such beautiful card illustrations. We hope these pieces transport you to a realm of wonder and inspire you to celebrate the power of creativity. Enjoy!
©Asobimo Inc. All rights reserved
Exile Unveild
Art Direction: Evgenia (Kim) Vinogradova
Lead Artist: Aleksei Shcherbakov
Artists: Maksim Vorontsov, Margarita Zakharova, Maksim Popov, Pavel Volobuev, Anton Kazanskiy, Anastasia Zinina, Stanislav Dikolenko, Alexandra Grishina, Nikolay Moskvin, Alexey Bogdanov
Team Managers: Nika Albasheeva, Anna Kucheva
Producer: Andrey Kirin
©Asobimo Inc. All rights reserved
card illustrations for against war project: ARTWORK BY LIMBHEIM STUDIO
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