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External Art production for Video games, Cartoons and Commercials
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Welcome to Limbheim, Rover!
External Art production for video games, movies, comics, and commercials
We are an outsource stylized art production studio, located in Dubai UAE. Our journey started more than 8 years ago with Steam workshop. With Oden's help and just under a decade spent on creating ultimate quality assets for projects ranging from UGC and startups to AAA, we gathered a huge network, tons of experience, and an incredibly powerful team that worked with each other on an impressive number of outstanding projects!
We're a company founded by industry enthusiasts. People who endlessly love their work, artists dedicated to their craft. We have the right skills needed to handle any type of stylized game development or real-time project, adapting to the methods and workflows that suit your team, your projects, and your pipelines. We're always aiming to build efficient long-term relationships.

We all share the same goal: Do more and better than expected. Improve every detail in every single direction. Be not just an outsourcing company, but your strong long-term partner, standing back to back in the height of the battle.

Unity & Unreal
Stylized VFX Art
Realtime VFX
Character Animations
Character Rigging
Game level concept
Get to know Us
  • Anton Shvachkin
    Сo-Founder & Art Director
    Currently working with Valve. Art Outsource Producer with 7 years experience in the industry. Anton worked as an artist and as an outsource Art Director. Managed a significant number of great game projects. He handle all the processes inside the production. And also communicates with the clients development team.

    Artstation / Linkedin
  • Aleksey Grechenyuk
    Art Director / Senior Concept Artist
    Experienced, equitable, and attentive Art Director with extensive experience in game development in various teams. Alexey has been working in several game developing companies since 2013. Most of his expertise comes from working for Valve within the last 3 years.

  • Julia Wilhelm
    Chief Business Development Officer
    A Amazing artist and Art lead with significant industry experience. Julia's main focus is the external development of our Studio and management processes.

    Artstation / Linkedin / instagram
  • Denis Kashaev
    General Producer / CEO
    4 years of managing Art teams. Business Development and Marketing leader with over 7 years of experience in successfully building and managing long-term IT teams and successful projects.

Right team for your project!
The constantly growing Limbheim crew is the right partner for the production of your project! A small but solid and competent team forces it to focus on what really matters and what brings the biggest impact to the whole project. Better work and higher quality! We don't spread out in different directions. In Fact, we are confident that by hyper-focusing on specific skills, we can make one of the best offers on the market for stylized projects.

Our team values long-term partnerships and believes that it's the best way to contribute, adapting to methods and workflows that suit your team, and your pipelines. The experience and the relationship within our team that we built over the years allow us to handle any type and complexity of stylized game development. Limbheim is a family of sincere, fun, and dedicated people. We believe that only with the right internal policy, we will be successful as an external partner.

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